Services We Provide

International Termination
Domestic Termination
Canada Termination
Domestic Toll Free Origination
VoIP Local Access DID's in over 42 Cities
Local Access PRI’s and DID’s
Local Loops
Private Line Domestic and International
DS-1 to OC-48 HUBS
Collocation- Telco and Data
Switch Partitioning
Ethernet Ports and Point to Point Bandwidth
Dark Fiber

International Termination

Whether you're looking for a VOIP or TDM hand off and or Network, Everytel
has the Carrier for you. We have some Carriers who can offer both as well as

Domestic Termination

Everytel can offer flat rate, LATA based or NPA/NXX pricing with excellent
quality from a Tier 1 provider

Canada Termination

We have agreements with Carriers who have some of the best Networks in
Canada. Many of the products we offer for Canada Termination are unlimited
T-1's. Come inside and take a look.

Domestic 800 Toll Free Origination

The Carriers we bring to you offer a feature-rich product set for origination
anywhere within the North American Dialing Plan. Most of them use a  SONET
network and enhanced call-routing capabilities combine to enable your
customers to reach their market niche at a competitive price.

Local Access PRI's and DID's

Many of our Carriers offer this product and some of them offer this on an I P
hand off, which enables you to access DID's in different states and have them
back-hauled to you at 1 location without the back-haul fee of private Lines.

Local Loops

For those of you who are in need of the last mile, we have many Carriers that
provide this service.

Private Line- Domestic and International

Private Line Service is a point-to-point, leased line data service offering circuit
speeds of T1, E1, E3, DS3 and STM-n/OC-n levels. Private Line service
provides global connectivity all throughout the U S and all over the world.

Collocation- Telco and Data Facilities

All of the Facilities we present to you are carrier neutral collocation space
within key carrier hotels to enable you to operate your mission-critical
communication equipment and have immediate access to other networks in
the local market.

HUBS DS1 to OC48, E1 to STM16

Hub service is a suite of private line aggregation and grooming solutions
allowing customers to construct more flexible, scalable, and cost-effective
networks. If your company is outside the United States or you are just looking
for a presence in a Carrier Hotel without actually housing your equipment in
one, this is the product for you.

Switch Partitioning

This product is geared to the Carrier who wants the same features and abilities
of owning a TDM or IP switch but without the cash outlay. If you are just
getting started in the Telecommunications business, this is the perfect product
for you.

Internet service

Get fast, reliable connections to the Internet on a seamless IP backbone
network. Let extensive global peering interconnections ensure your Internet
traffic reaches its destination, virtually anywhere in the world, quickly and
without congestion.

Ethernet ports and point to point Bandwidth

Bandwidth can be secured in scalable, granular increments of 10 Mbps for
Fast Ethernet and 100 Mbps for Gigabit Ethernet. We even have the flexibility
to scale down to 1 kbps on request. We provide Burstable Ethernet as well.
All types of Ethernet physical hand offs are available from fiber to copper.


Our list of Carriers who do offer Wavelength services can provide it in
unprotected and protected optical wavelength.

Dark Fiber

upon request
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