U S 800 TOLL FREE from $0.0066 per minute

Everytel is proud to announce that we now offer
Quintum products.

If you are a Carrier and interested in products like this, come inside
and take a look at how Everytel can help you find what you need.

Just some of the products we offer are:

Quintum Switches and Gateways
International and Domestic U S Termination
800 Toll Free Origination
Nothing drives your company's competitive advantage like reliable,
high-quality communications. Your ability to instantaneously
connect with Carriers, customers and partners at affordable cost
has leveled the playing field and enabled Tier 2 and Tier 3 Carriers
to compete with the largest enterprises in the world.
What We Do

Everytel provides the services that carriers are looking for such as
International and Domestic Termination, Collocation, Local Loops,
Ethernet, Etc...
Not only are we able to provide many services but we do it through
our Master Agent agreements we have with over 50 Carriers. So
our goal is to find exactly what you're looking for and not sell you
something you don't need.